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Boy of Summer

"Maybe things will be different this time," she said, her head titled slightly in question.
He lifted his eyes to meet hers, returning them quickly back to the ground.
"Give me five minutes. I'll meet you back here..."

[Single] Mother's Day

The pain from her headache was as unbearable as staring directly into the sun. She glanced in the rearview mirror to check herself out. Not that it mattered. She wasn't going anywhere special.

The Big Payback

"This day could get no worse," she thought to herself. Driving home as fast as she could despite the warm tears clouding her vision, she cared less whether she got pulled over or whether she wrapped her car around a tree.

The Old Man and the Beach

He looked out over the horizon, where the earth seemed to end, at the pastel colors of the sky. In all his years of being on this beach, he had never seen such harmony in the way the water, the sky, the clouds and the sun played. It was almost ominous. Definitely prophetic.


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