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  Human Interest Stories
The humanitarian face of journalism: go inside the stories to connect to others on a global level. Find out what kind of slavery exists today in "21st Century Bondage"; Learn about draconian drug laws that waste lives and taxpayer dollars; And find out how art helped to heal the wounds of one person in Rwanda. [read more]

Entertaining and informative pieces--delve into a world of alternatives inside the articles. Go beyond the diamond inside "Alternatives to a Diamond Ring"; What if women ruled the world?; Ten ways to be sure you're marrying Mr./Ms. Right. [read more]

  Short Stories
What would you consider "The Big Payback"?; should there be a "Single Mother's Day"?; find out what happens when things that could have been, become, in "The Old Man and the Beach"; and who is the "Boy of Summer"? [read more]

"Indian Boy" brings to life a dream of a soul mate; "Pioneer of the Night" explores the fears and anticipation of a new love; and "What ever Happened to Hope?" was written in honor of my native Liberia. [read more]


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Colorful, vibrant and imaginative illustrations with daring lines and shapes that leap of the page. Note: some illustrations contain nudity. [view more]









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