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Teri Weefur left Liberia in 1990, thinking she'd return home after a brief summer visit in the U.S. Nineteen years, one civil war, and a nine-year-old son later, she returned home for the first time in February 2009 for the International Women's Colloquium in Monrovia.

With more than a decade of experience in the arts world and the humanitarian industry, Teri uses her writing, editing, production and design skills to shed light on and put a human face to the issues that move her the most. Using new media to promote humanitarian issues, to highlight development issues, and to help push businesses and grassroots organizations into the 21st century, Teri is also a published writer in several magazines and organization Web sites, and also produces content for online use.

Teri is currently working on her first novel, and is employed on the editorial team in Digital Media for National Geographic. She can be reached at vial email at tweefur@gmail.com or via phone at 443.570.5616.
















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